The NIIC’s Karl LaPan Testifies on the Importance of Certified Technology Parks

February 25, 2021, Fort Wayne, Ind. Earlier this month, Karl LaPan, President and CEO of The NIIC, testified before the Indiana Senate Committee on Tax & Fiscal Policy in favor of Senate Bill 213 — a bill which would expand funding for the state’s Certified Technology Parks (CTPs), and spoke to their importance in the economic recovery and growth of Indiana jobs.

According to LaPan, the bill will “provide a more robust re-certification process and for advances toward greater Park sustainability and appropriate use of taxpayer funds.”

“CTPs were a beacon of hope during the [COVID-19] crisis.”

LaPan continued: “Certified tech parks & innovation place-making are critical components of the recovery and resilience infrastructure needed for Indiana’s technology competitiveness.”

On February 16, the Indiana Technology & Innovation Association (ITIA) delivered a letter to the Senate committee, emphasizing the impact that CTPs have on their communities — both in terms of job creation and retention, but also as drivers of economic recovery in the light of COVID-19: “Now is the time to double down on the state’s support for entrepreneurs, innovators, startups and small businesses as an engine to fuel our economic recovery.”

The NIIC was praised in ITIA’s letter as an example of a high-performing CTP, whose clientele could greatly benefit from the state’s increased support and funding.

“Indiana’s ambition is to elevate its aspiration trajectory, and CTPs are integral to making that aspiration reach happen.”

While stressing the importance of passing Senate Bill 213 to the committee, LaPan further built on these statements: “We stayed open for business serving distressed businesses and promising growth businesses. Two of our Park clients obtained over $6 million of non-dilutive funding this past year. Our women’s business center served nearly 500 women-owned businesses. CTPs were a beacon of hope during the crisis.”

On February 22nd, the bill was passed by the Senate and referred to the House.

You may read the full text of Karl LaPan’s testimony on TheNiic.org, and you may read the complete ITIA letter here.


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