Innovator Mindset

The Kendallville Chamber of Commerce sponsored the Innovator Mindset Workshop and was hosted by the Community Learning Center, a space to connect community members. The day-long workshop brought together Kendaville business and non-profit leaders and some bright young minds from East Noble Highschool to explore the Innovator Mindset.

The Innovator Mindset tool and e-learning modules were developed by Dennis Stauffer, a national leader in the innovation space.  Sarah Lance, WBC EmPWR program manager, facilitated the workshop.  “It was inspiring to be at the Community Learning Center, which is the re-purposed high school and to have a conversation about what it means to grow and develop our capacity for innovation with a broad spectrum from the local community.”

“Bringing people together, in a socially distanced way, to dig into challenging conversations about inviting feedback, questioning our assumptions, and testing our ideas is a great way to spend a day,” said Lance.

Register now for the next Innovator Mindset Workshop at The NIIC, on April 14, 2021, 12:30-4:30 p.m. 


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