Grassroots Giving Supports Hometeam Business Builders

Donations Exceed Goals

Thank you for joining us for our first ever #GivingTuesday Campaign. Because of you, we exceeded our campaign and stretch goals (NIIC Board of Directors $850 dollar-for-dollar match challenge). Total gifts received = $2,930. These funds will be used to help NIIC and WEOC clients start, build and innovate their companies.

This campaign was our first effort to engage grassroots support from individual donors in our community. On behalf of our board, staff, and clients, we are grateful and humbled by your generosity.

During the campaign, we shared stories on social media about how The NIIC advances and emboldens entrepreneurs, contributes to the local and regional economy and makes our community a better place to work and live. #MyGivingStory(ies) highlights include:

“I’ve owned my own company for 16 years. I understand the entrepreneurial struggles and triumphs. That is why I give, to help people like us.”

“Not a day goes by when my colleagues and I (at The NIIC) do not put every ounce of ourselves into our jobs. It makes me so happy that we are a resource for business builders in the community.”

“I give back today so the next generation can have the opportunity for success like I have had. To me, giving to the NIIC is an investment well spent!”

“We invest in the hometown team – creating higher quality, higher-paying jobs, and cool companies for Northeast Indiana.”

We look forward to continuing to share our client success stories and the collective impact we’re making as we advance our mission. Many thanks for joining us for #GivingTuesday to support business builders.

Warm personal regards,

Karl R. LaPan
The NIIC President & CEO


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