Celebrating 2018 – Embracing 2019

By Tammy Y. Allen, NIIC Director, Marketing & Programs

As we welcome the New Year, we thank you for the opportunity to engage and work with you. We have collectively, positively impacted Northeast Indiana’s innovative and entrepreneurial community this past year.

Here are the top 5 stories from NIIC-WEOC E-News—based on your engagement. Thanks for reading and engaging with us.

1. Upcoming Events, May 14, 2018
2. The NIIC Heroes Video Series – Nicole Hayden, Creative Cat Marketing
3. The Unstoppable Force of Women Building Up Women
4. We Are Thankful Video

There was a four-way tie for 5th place, so enjoy the three bonus stories.
5. The NIIC Heroes Video Series – Gerret Stier, GMS Distribution
Success on Tap: What Business Builders Can Learn from Craft Breweries
The Understated Introvert Advantage
Ending on a Sour Note: Why Gibson Brands Ultimately Failed

Cheers to an innovative, life-changing 2019! How can we come alongside you to help start, build and/or grow your business and innovation at your company?


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