4 Tips to Pivot in Your Career – Panel Discussion Takeaways

Photo by The NIIC

By Suzie Haga, WEOC Coordinator

Have you wondered what it would be like to start your own business, change roles in your current workplace, or do something completely different? While it may sound scary, we heard from three local professionals who shared about how they have done just that. 


The recent Pivoting in Your Career Panel Discussion featured experts sharing their personal stories of the challenges and successes experienced when pivoting in their careers. The event, sponsored by 1st Source BankWEOC, and The NIIC, included Jolynn Suko, Senior Vice President, Neurosciences and Virtual Health, Parkview Health; Cheri Lantz, President, Global Recruiters of Covington; and Rebecca Fleetwood-Hession, President, Fleetwood Hession Consulting. Their tenacity is commendable. Their stories are inspirational. Here are four tips to pivot in your career. 


1.      Find a support system that does not include your family and friends.

Most of us naturally look to our family and friends as our support system. Yet, it is beneficial to find mentors and colleagues that have NO vested interest in your business. These individuals act as accountability partners and are honest about the ideas you share. They provide feedback and assert the suggestions they have found successful. 


2. Schedule regular meetings with your spouse or significant other to discuss what’s happening in your business.

Keeping your spouse current about your business is important. Regularly scheduled meetings enable one-on-one time for open discussion about concerns and successes. It brings reassurance that you are being open about your highs and lows and how the investments in your business contribute to its success. 


3.       Find your confidence. Don’t see things that go wrong as failures…figure out how to make it work for you. 

Each of our panelists shared a story about how she learned from her mistakes. Money mistakes can be the most difficult to recover. However, having the right perspective in viewing it as a learning experience helps restore confidence in what you are doing and why you are doing it. 


4. Remember the why behind the what.

Knowing why you are pursuing a new career or starting your own business helps to reinforce your decision to do so. Remember that your pursuit stemmed from your passion and what makes you feel alive justifies why you are doing what you are doing. 


It is easy to get comfortable in a career. The day-to-day familiarity of their current role is the choice for many. Is it the best choice, though? Changing your career path can be daunting. Pursuing what you are passionate about can make it all worthwhile. 


If you would like help starting, growing, or innovating your own business, contact us at The NIIC


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