The NIIC connects business builders to new opportunities and relationships in the Digital Health Space.

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Health IoT describes health-related technologies where just about anything can be connected, communicated, and used remotely in an intelligent way. Are you an individual or company interested in developing products and businesses around digital health? Here's how we can help.

This is an incredible opportunity to globally advance and connect our healthcare assets in Indiana. Northeast Indiana is well-positioned to house the Connected Health Lab, given its large health-related market clusters of medical devices, insurance, and healthcare supply chain companies.

Our programming and infrastructure will provide entrepreneurs, business builders, larger corporations, and interested groups with innovative ideas with resources, tools, and networks. These will be used to develop those ideas into innovative products, new or expanded businesses, and new markets.

The lab/network actively engages healthcare companies, digital health supplier companies, universities, and other innovative support organizations. Collaboration fosters piloting and experimenting with innovative ideas, connecting the dots to improve patient experience, and dealing with the problems and pains experienced in today's healthcare industry. The NIIC will further provide ongoing intensive business coaching and facilitate the sourcing of connections to capital to promising projects from the lab.

Funded by the Economic Development Corporation. The NIIC is one of 40 organizations from 28 states and two territories to be awarded funding to create and expand cluster-focused commercialization program under the Economic Development Administration (EDA) 2018 Regional Innovation Strategies (RIS) Program. This includes a three-year, $750,000 grant to The NIIC to form the Indiana Connected Health Lab/Network.

To learn more, support or be part of the Indiana Connected Health Lab, contact Rhonda Ladig, Program Manager, at The NIIC, email Rhonda Ladig or call 260-407-6442.

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