The NIIC is a place of people. But not just any people. We’re a likeminded community of dynamic innovators, business owners and builders, social innovators, entrepreneurs and mentors. We have different areas of expertise, but one singular focus: To strengthen the economy of Northeast Indiana by empowering the entrepreneurial, innovative people, organizations and businesses who call this place home.

Meet the people that make The NIIC a place of substance in Northeast Indiana.

  • Karl R. LaPan
    President & CEO
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  • Deb Boyd
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  • Mike Fritsch
    Entrepreneur in Residence
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  • Tammy Allen
    Director | Marketing & Programs
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  • Leslee Hill
    WEOC Director
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  • Sarah Lance
    EmPWR Project Manager
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  • Rachel McNeely
    Community Coordinator
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  • Jami Thomas
    Grants Compliance Specialist
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  • Jessica Carender
    Partner Engagement Manager
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  • Larry Rottmeyer, Ph.D.
    Director of Innovation Education
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  • Caleb Shannon
    Maintenance Supervisor
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  • Christa Smith
    WEOC Specialist
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  • Kristen Muselman
    NIIC Navigator Project Coordinator
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